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Transcription is the process of converting a speech, either recorded or live, into electronic or written form. It also includes the conversion of audio and video files into digital or written formats, and often requires translation into different languages. The most common form of transcription services includes converting the spoken language source into a digital text, which can be saved as a computer file to access and print in the future. A common application of transcription includes court proceedings provided by a court reporter. For non-live events, recorded messages can also be transcribed into audio or video format and then converted into an electronic or written format for easy access or printing in the future.

Transcription services might also include translation, whereby the transcriptionist first converts the message into a written or digital format and then translates it into whatever language the client requires. Expert transcriptionists with excellent language fluency can simultaneously transcribe and translate the message, which can then be converted into any preferred format, especially printable electronic files. Other than live transcriptions, language companies also accept recorded audio in CD, cassette, sound file or VHS format, and then convert or translate it into written or digital format.

How Can Hong Kong Legal Translation Help?

Hong Kong Legal Translation is a leading language support services company, specializing in multilingual translation, interpretation, copywriting, document review, certified translations, OCR, and transcription services. With our years of expertise, we have emerged as a premier transcription service provider catering to the growing demands of the legal industry. We have a team of transcription experts with excellent language fluency and transcription skills who provide conversion services for live or recorded messages from virtually any format.

Our transcription services especially cater to attorneys, lawyers, corporations with legal departments, law firms as well as professionals who don’t have the time or expertise to do what we do – transcribe and translate audio messages and speeches into virtually any format and language. Outsourcing professional legal transcription services to Hong Kong Legal Translation enables our clients to enhance their productivity and focus primarily on core competencies.
  We Undertake Legal Transcription Services in:   
  General legal correspondence
  Legal pleadings
  Legal letters and court summons  
  Court proceedings for criminal or civil trial  
  Subpoena briefs  
  Arbitration proceedings  
We offer comprehensive transcription services from multiple sources including:  
  Audio transcription services
  General transcription
  Focus group transcription
  Verbatim transcription
  Admonishment transcription
  Video transcription
  Speech transcription
  Voice transcription  
  Insurance transcription  
  MP3 transcription  
  Podcast transcription  
  Legal meeting transcription  
And more…! At special requests, we also offer high-quality, reliable, and accurate business and medical transcription services..

We at Hong Kong Legal Translation offer results-oriented and comprehensive transcription services. We are committed to delivering accurate and precise transcriptions and translations that keep with the essence and meaning of the messages. Hence, we follow an extensive approach towards different transcriptions, particularly as regards critical legal proceedings and credentials.  
Pre-transcription process – We have top-of-the-line transcriptionists and advanced technologies to transcribe messages instantly or record them to convert them into text or digital formats in the future.
Voice to text transcription process – When listening to live or recorded speeches, our expert professionals first grasp the essence of the message and then convert it into any language according to text format specifications.
Proofreading – The transcription undergoes multiple stages of proofreading to ensure 100% accuracy and precision.
Quality control – Thorough quality checks and evaluation ensure that our transcribed documents retain the quality and meaning of the message.
Delivery – Finally, we deliver our transcription projects at the most affordable prices.
  Why Choose Us?   
  One-stop transcription solutions for all legal proceedings and credentials
  100% accuracy and precision guaranteed
  Verbatim and edited verbatim transcription services
  Guaranteed confidentiality and security of data  
  Quick turnaround time with quality delivery  
  Affordable transcription services
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With your core requirements and the complexity of the legal project in mind, we will offer you our best quote for our professional and reliable transcription services!

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