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At Hong Kong Legal Translation, our biggest assets are our team of expert linguists who are exceptionally qualified and based from across the world. Our expert team of diversified linguistic professionals enables us to deliver unsurpassed multilingual translation, copywriting, and interpretation services in the arena of legal credentials and business-critical documents. We understand the critical scenario of our judicial system today, and how every aspect of a legal proceeding or documentation is important. And when a foreign language adds to the system, it becomes even more complicated and ambiguous.

At Hong Kong Legal Translation, our team of linguists has extensive experience in legal translations, successfully accomplishing and delivering projects of any complexity, any size. With our thorough recruitment process, we guarantee that only the best professionals with skilled expertise and years of experience in translating and interpreting legal documents and proceedings are selected. At Hong Kong Legal Translation, we make it compulsory that our linguistic experts have more than 5 years of experience as professional translators, interpreters, copywriters, and transcriptionists, with excellent qualifications in their respective languages. After the preliminary selection process, the applicants undergo a strict translation test, which is vigorously evaluated for quality and accuracy.
A Team of Localized Linguistics

When we say our qualified linguistic professionals are “localized,” it means all translation and interpretation services are offered by the experts who are particularly from the state or country of the target language. This ensures that all our language support projects are performed by linguists from that respective language and culture, who have in-depth knowledge of vocabulary, terminologies, grammar, spelling, and diction. This eliminates the chances of inaccuracy and ambiguity to creep into the translation process. Our linguists feature unparalleled language fluency, in-depth knowledge in the subject matter, and precise accuracy, which enables us to deliver expert translation services in multiple languages.

Key Features

Call them well-read, intelligent, or learned; whatever you say, one thing that delightfully applies to all our linguists is good. The key features of our team of linguists are:
Years of experience and professional expertise in their respective specialization
  Full-time professional translators, interpreters, copywriters, transcriptionists, and document reviewers
  Exceptionally qualified and certified through proven quality check programs
In-depth knowledge and expertise in legal terminologies and phrases, conveniently translating and interpreting legal documents and proceedings in multiple languages
Experience working with advanced translation or transcription machines and software
  Enable to work on Macintosh, Windows, and other PC applications
  Our Team   
At Hong Kong Legal Translation, we present a comprehensive team of linguists as mentioned herewith: 
Multilingual Translators: We have an extensive team of expert translators, offering prompt and 100% accurate translations in more than 80 Languages such as Chinese, Arabic, Czech, Dutch, Danish, English, Finnish, Greek, French, German, Indonesian, Hebrew, Japanese, Malay, Italian, Hindi, Norwegian, Polish, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Romanian, Swedish, Tagalog, Tamil, Telugu, Turkish, Thai, Vietnamese, etc.  
Interpreters: We boast the best-in-class language interpreters, offering services over the phone or on-site. With excellent fluency, sharp memory and knowledge in the language, our interpreters are the most preferred choice in multilingual seminars, court proceedings, police trials, arbitration proceedings, etc.
Copywriters: We have a team of skilled copywriters who have the flair and creativity in writing critical legal documents for different purposes.  
Transcriptionists: We offer unmatched expertise in transcription services, leveraging the power of advanced technologies and proficiency of our certified transcriptionists. They are qualified professionals, offering transcriptions from live or recorded audio and video messages, and converting them into written or any preferable digital format.  
Document Reviewers: We also have a team of certified document reviewers who have expert knowledge in legal matters, reviewing critical documents and generating a translated summary of the project.
And that is not all ! Our expert translators also offer unmatched services in certified translations and e-disclosure, two of the most critical aspects of civil litigation today. Every project is headed by a professional and experienced project manager, who thoroughly monitors and evaluates the process and ensure 100% accuracy and confidentiality.

Hong Kong Legal Translation focuses on leveraging the potentials and expertise of our linguists in generating mutually beneficial relationships.

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