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For years, Hong Kong Legal Translation has been the leading provider of professional and dedicated language services to individuals, corporations, and law firms. With unmatched experience in the translation industry, with special emphasis to legal procedures, we have emerged as the trusted language service provider with a global outlook. We are not merely dedicated to translation services, but our specialization also includes end-to-end, professional language services such as copywriting, transcription, document review, interpretation, optical character reading, and expert language support in e-disclosure procedures.

Since our inception, Hong Kong Legal Translation has successfully completed and delivered innumerable language support projects across every conceivable legal area. Corporations, individuals, and law firms tend to generate an improved ROI if they utilize the efficiency of a one-stop shop to effectively handle all their language support services. At Hong Kong Legal Translation, we are committed to dealing with every aspect of language services, providing an extensive suite of solutions that will enable you to fulfil your goals.

Discussed herewith are our special language support services:

Multilingual Translation Services:
We are a leading language support service provider in Hong Kong, offering expert translation services in more than 80 languages. We offer dedicated services in most European and Asian languages such as Chinese, Arabic, Czech, Dutch, Danish, English, Finnish, Greek, French, German, Indonesian, Hebrew, Japanese, Malay, Italian, Hindi, Norwegian, Polish, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Romanian, Swedish, Tagalong, Tamil, Turkish, Thai, Serbo-Croatian, Vietnamese, etc.

We have an extensive team of certified and professional translators, who work specifically on their mother tongues, delivering the highest quality, unambiguous, and accurate translations. Our translators have in-depth knowledge in their respective languages in terms of vocabulary, spelling, grammar, and diction. This enables us to deliver precise and accurate translation services. Besides, we have a comprehensive glossary and a reference library that covers distinct areas. We translate legal statements, contracts, court summons, legal complaints, technical literature, insurance claims, press releases, certificates, prospectus, certified documents, and many others in multiple languages.

Certified Translation Services:
We offer dedicated and reliable services for translating certified documents that are specifically required by non-government organizations for official use. It is important for translations to be certified by a legal authority, which authenticates its genuineness and legality. The court certification procedures are different for different nations and states, and we strive to comply with the codes as specified by the client. Certified documents include marriage, birth, divorce, or educational certificates; medical reports; official transcripts; contracts, power of attorney; and household bills.

Hong Kong Legal Translation will first translate the documents into the specified language, and put the company seal and appropriate reference number to it. A certificate is also attached, which confirms that the documents are genuine and accurate, and have been translated by a qualified agency. It is finally attested by a professional and authorized translation body. We are among a few translation companies that offer dedicated certified translation services.

Copywriting Services: Hong Kong Legal Translation offers unmatched translation services in copywriting different legal and business-critical documents into various languages. When documents are translated into another language, it has to be done keeping in mind the new audience and the limitations of the language in which it is being translated. Hence, on special requests, we offer expert copywriting services for legal and other documents.

Document Review Services: If your legal proceeding involves documents in a foreign language, it adds to the complexity. Here, we offer professional, multilingual document review services, guaranteeing language fluency, legal experience and skilled expertise of our professionals. After reviewing your legal documents, they will either present it in the form of a summary or translate the entire.

Interpretation Services: Here, you can find experienced and professional interpreters, expert in more than 80 languages. We offer unparalleled interpretation services for different activities, legal proceedings, court hearings, seminars, exhibitions, and arbitration procedures. With a consecutive and simultaneous approach, we offer unmatched over the phone interpretation services and on-site interpretation to individuals, law firms, and corporations.

Transcription Services: At Hong Kong Legal Translation, we use advanced transcribing machines to enable us to offer high-quality and accurate transcription of audio and visual recordings that can be used for different activities, and as court evidences as well. We offer unsurpassed transcription services in the most efficient, accurate, and cost effective manner.

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