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Though multinational organizations and individuals are communicating on a global platform today, the language barrier still remains a reality. This is all the more true for business-critical documents and legal credentials, which are complex and cannot afford to be misrepresented or misinterpreted. However, language no longer poses a barrier when you partner with an expert language-support service provider that can offer world-class translation and interpretation solutions. Hong Kong Legal Translation is a leading translation service provider offering a wide spectrum of solutions in multi-lingual translation, copywriting, transcription, interpretation, and document review.

Expert and accurate interpretation services are our specialty, and we assist our clients by interpreting foreign language through sign or oral communication. This is particularly vital in exhibitions, seminars, court hearings, arbitration proceedings, and other events, where multilingual communication is much more common in verbal vs. written form. Hong Kong Legal Translations has assembled a team of expert interpreters who are professionally trained and experienced in interpreting for speakers of different languages. We can also provide specialized interpretation services over the phone or on-site as per client request.

  Our Approach to Interpretation Services  
We adhere to a professional approach to the following interpretation services: 
Simultaneous Interpretation: Simultaneous Interpretation is the process where in most cases, the interpreters sit in a sound-proof booth, listen to the source language audio feed via earphones, and interpret in real time into the microphone. The target language interpretation is then delivered into the recipients’ earphones as close to simultaneously as possible. It is also the most preferred method when translating sign language, where the sign interpreter, source language speaker, and audience must be visible to one another.
Consecutive Interpretation: Here, the interpreters wait for the source language speaker to finish speaking before they proceed with their interpretation. Interpreters first listen quietly and take notes, breaking down the speech into segments before interpreting the source speech. CI is split into two categories: Short CI and Long CI. In Short CI, the interpreter commits the short speech to memory and interprets as soon as the speaker stops talking. For Long CI, however, the interpreter can only start interpreting after a far longer speech finishes; thus, he/she has to take accurate notes in order to interpret these longer segments.
Relay Interpretation: This is a form of interpretation that we specialize in, which requires the source language to first be accurately interpreted into a widely used target language before being further interpreted into other languages. Given the nature of this form of interpretation, providing prompt and accurate interpretations in multiple languages with minimal delay is essential.
Whispered Interpretation: In this process, our interpreter will stay in close proximity to the target recipient, whispering the translation to his/her ear. It is considered a form of simultaneous interpretation, and is usually deployed in discreet, intimate situations where equipment is not preferred.

At Hong Kong Legal Translation, we offer all types of expert interpretation services as per our client’s preference. From telephone interpretation services to on-site interpretation, from video interpreting services to interpreting at specific venues, we are flexible in accommodating the needs of our clients.

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We offer high-quality, accurate, and prompt interpretation services at the most competitive prices, which will be convenient for your budget as well!

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