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Multilingual Translations

In the era of globalization, the world has become a small place and language differences have become only a minor impediment. With every passing day, individuals and corporations are recognizing the importance of professional translation services in bridging the language divide. This is particularly true for multi-national organizations with a global reach and individuals working or residing in a foreign country. Its significance is further heightened during critical legal proceedings, which become all the more complicated due to the involvement of a foreign language.

Often, certain certified documents such as education certificates, marriage certificates, and birth or divorce certificates have to be translated into another language for a wide range of work or law-related purposes. Organizations also need to resolve complaints or cater to the demands of their target customers across the globe in multiple languages. On top of that, every day, millions of legal and business-critical documents are waiting to be translated for improved communication and to reduce misinterpretation.

Hong Kong Legal Translation – Your Trusted Partner for Excellent Multilingual Translations

We are a leading translation service provider in Hong Kong, offering professional, reliable, and accurate solutions in multilingual translations. No other translation agency has the extensive resources and expertise we do to translate documents into virtually any language. We have gained unparalleled experience in providing accurate and prompt translation services in more than 80 languages. And we can provide even more! Hong Kong Legal Translations actually has the resources and competence to provide translation services in any language imaginable!

Our Key Specialty

At Hong Kong Legal Translation, our key specialty includes multilingual translation, particularly in common European and Asian languages. We translate legal and business-critical documents of all complexity and size into any of the below languages. However, our multilingual translation services are not limited to them.
Chinese  Norwegian 
Arabic  Polish 
Czech  Korean 
Dutch  Portuguese 
Danish  Russian 
English  Spanish 
Finnish  Romanian 
Greek  Swedish 
French  Tagalog 
German  Tamil 
Indonesian  Turkish 
Hebrew  Thai 
Japanese  Telugu
Malay  Vietnamese 
Italian  Hindi 
What We Translate

At Hong Kong Legal Translation, our multilingual translation expertise is wide ranging and multi-faceted. We don’t specialize merely in legal translations; instead, we adopt a "full-service" approach catering to the special needs and requirements of our clients. We offer multilingual translation services for:

Legal documents such as contracts, insurance claims, court summons, travel documents, police reports, legal complaints, arbitration proceedings, legal agreements, and certified documents such as academic certificates, birth certificates, marriage or divorce certificates, medical reports, household bills, powers of attorney, and other official transcripts. We understand legal translation requires specialized expertise and accuracy; hence, multilingual translators with legal backgrounds are used, ensuring that the phrasing and terminologies appear as accurately as in the original documents.

Financial translations

Human Resource documents

DTP translations in multiple languages

Website of software translations

Marketing Materials

Medical translations

Technical manual translations

We particularly specialize in legal translations with 100% guarantee for accuracy and precision.

Multilingual Translations with Quick Turnaround Time

Need prompt and reliable multilingual translation services in Hong Kong? Trust us. We guarantee quick turnaround multilingual translations, even for complex and large projects. At the same time, we ensure that quality is not compromised, and produce 100% accurate and efficient translations in multiple languages.

Cost-Effective Multilingual Services – Save up to 40%

At Hong Kong Legal Translation, we link unparalleled multilingual translation services with cost effective prices, helping out our client’s budgets. With our per hour translation quotes, you can save up to 40% on your average translation fees! Meanwhile, we maintain the highest standards of excellence, delivering accurate and efficient translations at the most competitive prices.

Do you need expert translation services in multiple languages? Look no further! Hong Kong Legal Translation is your ultimate choice for superior, prompt and accurate multilingual translations at the most competitive prices.

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