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Hong Kong Legal Translation focuses on delivering something “extra” in terms of expertise and professionalism. Our dedicated services particularly cater to individuals and companies seeking accurate and professional foreign language translation services. With years of experience, we have been successfully offering an extensive suite of translation solutions that cater to every aspect of legal matters important to our clients. From drafting and translating court summons to insurance claims, from filing bankruptcy cases of customer legal complaints, and much more, we are a one-stop shop for your diverse translation services.

Founded by a team of dynamic professionals, having years of experience in legal translation, we have emerged as the leading service provider, offering a wide array of translation, transcription, copywriting, certification and interpretation solutions. From a small translation agency, serving in English-Chinese translation and vice versa, today, we have emerged as the first choice of professional and top-notch translation services.  
  Our Philosophy    
  At Hong Kong Legal Translation, our mission is to provide the highest standards of translation services in terms of legal and financial documents. To achieve this intent, we strictly adhere to our core values, which say:   
  Promptness of Service 
  Customer Orientation 
  Cost Effectiveness  
Our Driving Force

At Hong Kong Legal Translation, the fundamental principles that drive us to offer professional and high quality translation services are:

Quality: Here, every translation project undertaken by us passes through a multi-tier quality check process. Continual verification and monitoring ensures that every project meets the standards of translation procedures, ensuring excellent quality, consistency, accuracy, and precision.

Professionalism: At Hong Kong Legal Translation, we have an extensive team of certified and accredited interpreters and translators. Every professional particularly works on his/her mother language, in which they possess keen expertise and in-depth knowledge, delivering only the best quality, accurate and unambiguous translation services.

We strictly adhere to the codes of Professional Ethics and Business Conduct, maintaining 100% confidentiality of critical documents. We guarantee all documents are treated with extreme discretion, preventing loss of information to third parties.

Besides considering the importance of professional translation services to our clients, we account for budget convenience as well. We offer the highest quality translation services in virtually any language at the most competitive prices.

In the ever-evolving legal translation industry, highest quality results, faster turnaround times, and superior client satisfaction is what matters most. Thus, Hong Kong Legal Translation is dedicatedly committed to guarantee quick project turnaround time, while maintaining the quality and integrity of translation services intact. With a growing client base from across the world, we exhibit that our ambitions are big and our focus on high quality is even bigger.

Our Services:

Multilingual Translations:
Hong Kong Legal Translation offers unmatched, accurate, and unambiguous translation services in multiple languages, with skilled expertise in over 80 languages. We have a comprehensive team of proficient translators who specifically work on their respective mother tongues, delivering precise and accurate translations.

Certified Translations: We translate all certified documents, with company seal, reference number, and a certificate that guarantees that the documents are true and accurate, and have been translated by a certified agency. We finally get it attested by our professional translation body.

Copywriting: Hong Kong Legal Translation specializes in expert copywriting services, providing valuable and engaging content that empowers as an effective marketing tool. At the same time, our qualified copywriters have the skill and expertise to translate copywriting documents in virtually any other language.

Document Review:
We deliver end-to-end, professional document review services, with multilingual expertise to offer optimized translation solutions. Only the most conversant and skilled professionals having ample legal experience, language fluency, and expertise in the matter concerned will work on such document review projects.

Interpretation: Besides offering the highest standards of translation services, Hong Kong Legal Translation has keen expertise in interpretation services. Our expert interpreters follow diverse approach to language interpreting, delivering prompt and efficient services over phone or on-site.

Transcription: We also offer accurate and dedicated transcription services at the most affordable prices. Regardless of how complex the project is, our advanced transcribing machines enable us to guarantee high quality, accurate, and efficient audio/video transcriptions.

We look forward to discussing any aspect of our professional language services that might interest you. Contact us at +852.2370.2038 or email us at for further assistance.  

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