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At Hong Kong Legal Translation, we believe that the most effective form of advertising is generating a good plug from the satisfied clients. With this intent, we are committed to deliver the highest standards of language support services, particularly in translation, interpretation, copywriting, transcription, OCR, certified translation, and document review. We offer a comprehensive range of linguistic services that particularly caters to the legal industry, with a huge client base from law firms, corporations with legal departments, and individuals.

With our advanced language support services, we focus on assisting our clients in being effectively multilingual in nature, catering to the discerning needs of the global marketplace. Litigation and legal proceedings tend to become more complex in addition of a foreign language. Hence, it becomes exceptionally difficult for law firms and corporations to deal with multilingual legal credentials and documentation. As such, high quality, accurate, and precise language services become a necessity. At Hong Kong Legal Translation, we offer unmatched services in translation, interpretation, copywriting, transcription, document review, and OCR services.

Here is a glimpse of our extensive client base that will deal with:
  Law firms  
  Fortune 500 companies
  Educational institutions
  Health industry  
  Non-profit organizations  
  Corporations with legal departments
We cater to legal document translation and interpretation needs of our clients, which can vary from corporate law suits to immigration documents, contracts, patents, adoption documents, labor law, bankruptcy law, education law, criminal law, family and marriage law, entertainment law, legal interpretation, health law, police reports, court summons, arbitration documents, and legal documents for personal injury.

Our Portfolio

Hong Kong Legal Translation boasts an extensive client portfolio, which includes individuals, Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations, health institutions, educational institutes, and law firms, catering to their diverse legal language support needs. They use our extensive language translation, interpretation, and transcription services for more than 80 languages. Adding to our delight, many of these clients work with us over and over again that speak highly of our highest level of customer satisfaction and service excellence!!

Our commitment is to deliver superior service excellence with unsurpassed customer satisfaction. With this intent, we focus on building mutually beneficial relationships, spreading our name via word of mouth communication. We are proud of our extensive client base and their relationship with us. We look forward to building even profitable businesses in years to come.  

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