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Managing and reviewing bulk documents is indeed challenging and intimidating, especially when it comes to business-critical and legal documents. At Hong Kong Legal Translation, we offer effective solutions that can be seamlessly customized to solve specific challenges you may encounter in the document review process. In addition, we provide end-to-end professional document review services, which incorporate the expertise and experience of paralegals, licensed attorneys and translators, all coordinated by a project manager.

Our expert professionals offer law firms and corporations cost-effective and strategic solutions. Our services are flexibly designed to meet the core requirements of our clients while delivering unparalleled services. Whether you need on-site document review services or cost effective off-site review options, we are available to help. We meticulously handle all your document details so you can focus on the key areas of your business or legal proceedings. Moreover, our document review services take a multilingual approach, which allows you to optimize the documents as best meets your standards.

Multilingual Document Review: If the legal proceeding or business involves critical documents in a foreign language(s), the entire process becomes even more complex and challenging. At Hong Kong Legal Translation, we offer multilingual support from qualified professionals with substantial legal experience and expertise in the subject matter as well as excellent language proficiency. In fact, even before they are hired, our language document reviewers have already taken qualification tests and undergone rigorous training.

From simple documents to the more complex and critical ones, we have successfully undertaken and completed projects of different sizes and depth. After reviewing your documents, we will either present a summary in your preferred language, or translate it completely. As our clients, you will receive smooth and consistent language management services that guarantee superior customer satisfaction.

Our Document Review Services:
At Hong Kong Legal Translation, we believe that a rule-oriented approach and informed decision making have to be involved when it comes to efficient document review. We provide sophisticated and results-oriented review services where our professionals leverage their expertise and advanced technology to meet client requirements in different regards, such as privacy standards, trade secrets, and privilege norms. We have years of experience in document review, which enable our clients to minimize costs and meet business goals in the most impressive way. Moreover, with our unique approach to multilingual document review, we have even become the preferred choice for review and translation of critical documents in different languages.

Our expert services include:
  Creating specific document review guidelines and rules
  Reviewing for responsiveness and/or privilege
  Reviewing documents for the protection of information such as privacy, confidentiality, and trade secrets
  Customizing document review techniques for Electronic Discovery Environments
  Maintaining privilege logs
  Making recommendations based on guidelines approved by client’s legal counsel
  Tracking productivity and managing workflow  
  Initiating document review procedures  
  Performing subject coding per client requirements 
  Developing appropriate coding protocols  
  Offering metrics, reports, and process analyses  
  Monitoring to confirm that all documents have been reviewed  
After critically reviewing your business-critical and legal documents, we will summarize the same in your requested language. Alternatively, we can translate the entire document into any desired language. Before translating into other languages, we take the review report and necessary amendments into account and implement the changes.
  Why Choose Us for Document Review Services?  
At Hong Kong Legal Translation, we follow a comprehensive approach to review the documents in which the clients can critically evaluate the legal and business documents. Our document review offers the following:
  English or multilingual document review and summarization
  On-site or off-site document review options
A la carte integrated legal solutions, such as translation or interpretation
  Certified and professional document reviewers
  Global network of review centers
  Cost-effective and high quality document review services

Apart from the above, we also offer comprehensive language support services such as multilingual translation, interpretation, transcription, certified translation and copywriting. For more information about our language support services as regards document review, please call us at +852.2370.2038. You can also email us your requirements at and we will provide you with our best quote. We will cater to all your language related requirements!

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