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Optical Character Recognition

Today’s business landscape is constantly evolving, becoming even more complex and challenging by the minute. With critical yet laborious business processes and legal proceedings growing at such a rapid pace, documentation management becomes increasingly intimidating and hassle-prone. Especially when it comes to legal credentials, it is always exceptionally difficult to create, store, and manage such documents in a structured manner, resulting in data loss and infidelity. Moreover, in today’s era of automation, laborious paperwork processing is fast becoming obsolete, even in the legal industry.

Law firms and corporations are finding it remarkably difficult, expensive, and time-consuming to undergo the process of manual data entry in order to convert carbon copies into an easily manageable digital format. This is where optical character recognition services provided by an expert company can come to the rescue. OCR is a particular form of data entry whereby a technologically advanced machine is used to “read” the texts from a physical source and convert them into a digital format or soft copies. The converted documents can then be stored, edited, and retrieved by machines and individuals for future use. This approach not only allows for easy access and management of critical information, but also significantly reduces paper costs and time for law firms and corporations, since they are no longer mired in never-ending and towering paperwork.

How Can Hong Kong Legal Translation Help in Optical Character Recognition?

We are a leading language support services provider that offers comprehensive services in document management, review, translation, transcription, and interpretation in more than 80 languages. As part of our comprehensive solution, we offer dedicated OCR services by deploying the most advanced image capture and enhancement technologies. Our team of OCR experts is experienced in capturing critical legal information from paper files, forms, address labels, applications, contracts, agreement terms and conditions, police complaints, court summons, and other legal credentials.

In addition to professional and high-precision optical character recognition services, we conduct dedicated quality checks and manual evaluation to ensure that all scanned texts have been precisely and accurately recognized and processed into a digital format. Upon special request, we can also translate legal documents into any desired foreign language before transforming it into a digital format. Our advanced optical character recognition technology enables us to convert only selected portions of important documents into easily accessible digital files. These soft copies can then be used by data management systems or for future access in legal proceedings, avoiding information loss and the hassle of managing reams and reams of paperwork.

For sensitive and critical documents, we also provide reliable on-site document scanning with OCR, guaranteeing 100% confidentiality and fidelity. With our advanced scanning technology, we are capable of scanning images and texts of resolution up to 600 dpi and then converting them to virtually any format including MS Office, RTF, TFT, HTML, PDF, JPG, etc. Moreover, our high-volume OCR machines are capable of accurately capturing source data in bulk, which include numeric documents, forms documents, image documents, text documents, as well as mixed format documents. After an efficient scanning process, we can also translate such documents into any language and convert them into any digital format.
  Our Comprehensive OCR Services include:   
  Native application format optical character recognition (OCR) 
  Handwritten OCR  
  Typewritten OCR 
  Internet publishing OCR 
  Publishing and CD ROM cataloging  
  Images or graphics scanning  
  Permanent records scanning  
  Paper or magazine scanning as legal evidence  
  Digital documents OCR  
  Legal document management using OCR 
  RTF, ASCII text files OCR  
  Bills or receipts scanning  
  Court summons scanning  
  Police complaints scanning  
Expert OCR Professionals at Hong Kong Legal Translation

At Hong Kong Legal Translation, we boast a team of qualified professionals who have expertise in optical character recognition, utilizing the latest and most advanced OCR machines to deliver accurate and high-precision document conversions. We are committed to accurate ICR and OCR document conversion, and employ meticulous correction methodologies and OCR cleanup solutions. This enables us to achieve 99.99% accuracy in converting legal documents into high quality digital formats.

By accurately transforming critical legal documents into printable digital formats and translating them into multiple languages, our OCR services help you to eliminate errors in data entry and empower you with advanced document management solutions. To learn more about our OCR services, please contact us at +852.2370.2038 or write to us at

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