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What are certified translations? As a layperson, you might be confused about this term, but once you work with Hong Kong Legal Translation, you will come to understand its importance.

Translation is a critical process that demands professional expertise and accuracy. Per the norms of multilingual translation, certain kinds of documents are required to be certified by the courts or authorities in order to testify to the authenticity and legality of such documents. This is particularly true for legal documents, financial proceedings, and documents typically needed by non-governmental organizations for official purposes. The norms for court certified translations vary across nations and states. Hence, it is important to first investigate the relevant statutes for handling such translated documents before you authorize us to proceed with the project.

In addition to state and federal regulations for certified translations, the level of legalization required for the translated documents also depends on their nature and the particular purpose they serve. Translations are typically required to be legalized or certified by courts and other institutions such as schools, universities, potential employers, insurance companies, or any statutory body with the authority to legalize such translated documents.

Attractive and Certified Translation Packages

In light of the importance of certified translations and the requirements of different states and countries, Hong Kong Legal Translation offers unparalleled services in certifying the documents we translate. This not only enhances the document’s authority and standing, but also makes it legal for various uses or legal proceedings.

Upon receiving your documents, we will first investigate and confirm the requirements of court certification relevant to your state or country. We will then efficiently translate the documents into your specified language or languages. After rigorous quality inspection, we will mark the documents with our registered company seal and attach a reference number for future proceedings. We will then deliver the translated documents to you with a certificate that confirms they are true and accurate, translated by a professional under a certified translating company, whose credentials have been authenticated by a professional certification body or translation authority.
  We Offer Certified Translation Services for:   
  Academic certificates, marriage or divorce certificates, birth certificates
  Regulatory documents such as contracts, powers of attorney, legal complaints, court summons, police reports, arbitration proceedings, etc.
  Household bills
  Official transcripts such as work, school, or medical reports  
Besides offering professional and reliable certified translation services, we also offer services in legal or official translations such as: 
Sworn translation: A special kind of translation service where we attest the authenticity of the document in the presence of a solicitor or public notary.
Legalization translation or Apostille: This type of certified translation is mandatory for documents that are to be used internationally with countries that comply with the Hague Convention. Documents that fall under this category include adoption certificates, overseas marriage certificates, job or visa applications.
Notarized translations: This kind of certification is typically required by statutory bodies and government organizations. It is a much more formal certification procedure than the standard kind, and involves our attending a public notary’s office and declaring in writing and on oath that the translation and its provenance are honest and genuine. The notary will then certify the documents with a stamp or signature.
Looking for reliable and professional certified translation services? Hong Kong Legal Translation guarantees that all your translated documents are certified and legalized. Request a free quote today at +852.2370.2038 or email us your certified translation requirements at We will get back to you soon with the best solutions.  

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