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Translation is rapidly emerging as a necessity of individuals and business organizations today. It not only bridges the gap between cultural and language differences of the two nations, but also enhances communication with least possible misunderstandings. Translation has been complex yet a rewarding process that demands professional expertise, wealth of experience, and absolute accuracy and precision. Especially in critical financial and legal translations, one cannot afford to misrepresent or misunderstand the key areas, and that is where the expertise and precision of a professional translation agency comes into significance.

Hong Kong Legal Translation is a leading language service provider, offering a comprehensive range of translation, copywriting, transcription and interpretation solutions to corporations and law firms with the highest standards of quality and accuracy excellence. With years of unsurpassed experience in translation industry, we have successfully accomplished an array of legal projects of virtually any complexity, any size. Over the years, we have emerged as the one-stop shop for diverse aspects related to legal and financial processing, translation, document review, copywriting, interpretation transcription  and much more.

Top-Notch Legal Translation Services

Legal translation demands skilled knowledge and expertise to ensure there is no inaccuracy or ambiguity in the translation process. Whether you are looking for professional and accurate translation of court summons, contract, insurance claim, transcription of audio file for evidence, or complaint, we offer the highest standards of quality and precision guarantee. We also offer accurate and excellent quality legal translation services with a quick turnaround time, ensuring that you can avoid expensive delays.  

Our Services

At Hong Kong Legal Translation, we offer a comprehensive range of services that are particularly tailored to meet specific client requirements and court certification procedures. However, we are not only specialized in translation solutions, but also offer a myriad of other services that makes us a preferred choice in top-notch legal support services. Here is a glimpse of services offered by Hong Kong Legal Translation:

Multilingual Translations: We offer excellent, unambiguous, and accurate translation services in multiple languages, with expert proficiency in more than 80 languages. We have a huge team of professional translators who particularly work on their respective mother tongue, having keen knowledge and extensive experience in the area. Our translators work on a comprehensive range of documents, which include legal statements, contracts, insurance claims, press releases, court summons or legal complaints, financial reports, certificates, prospectus, and much more.

Certified Translations: At Hong Kong Legal Translation, we have an expert team of translators who are proficient in translating any legal or financial document into virtually any language. We have particularly specialized in English to Chinese translation and vice-versa, catering to the growing demand for professional translation services in Hong Kong. Here, we understand that court certification for legal documents are different for different states and countries. Hence, prior to beginning any translation project, we need our valued clients to confirm what the court certification standards, and likewise, offer our services.

Copywriting: Besides offering professional translation services, we specialize in skilled copywriting, delivering valuable and engaging content that functions as a powerful marketing tool. At the same time, our team of qualified copywriters also possesses the skill and expertise in preparing critical legal or financial documents, and translating copywriting documents into multiple foreign languages.

Document Review: We offer end-to-end document review services, with a multilingual approach to optimize every project in a tailor-made manner. Only the most knowledgeable and certified professional work on such projects, who have adequate language fluency, legal experience, and expertise in the subject matter.

Interpretation: What makes Hong Kong Legal Translation the most preferred choice in professional translation services is our expert interpretation services. Our efficient translators present different approaches to language interpreting, offering the services over phone or on-site, whichever is preferable.

Transcription: Hong Kong Legal Translation also offers dedicated and accurate transcription services at most competitive prices. No matter how complex the transcription project is, we guarantee high quality, prompt, and accurate deliverables.

Hong Kong Legal Translation strictly adheres to the norms of Professional Ethics and Business Conduct, and guarantee 100% confidentiality.

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